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Books on Audio

Dalmatian dog

I started listening to audio books about three years ago. I work for a public library and one of my fun jobs is to pick
out the audio tapes for our branch. I have listened to so many that I decided to start keeping track of them, just as I do the books that I read. If you know of a good audio book that I might enjoy please
email me with the title, author and what the audio book is about!

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Audio Books listened to in 2006


Marley and Me by John Grogan

Shortly after John and Jenny Grogan get married they decide

there is something missing from their life. A dog. They chose

a cute little yellow lab and name him Marley. The little fuzzy puppy soon

became a huge 90+ pound dynamo of energy. Through the ups

and downs of their life together I found myself laughing and

sometimes crying as the author recalls his life with Marley for

over 13 years.

6 hours / 5 discs

read by the author

5 out of 5

ISBN 9780060829940



If you can see my now by Cecelia Ahern

Elizabeth Egan is an extremely organized and proper

person and when her young nephew tells her he has

a new best friend that is imaginary she refuses to except it.

But when she starts to see him and hear him she believes

he is her nephews friends Dad.  Ivan, the invisible friend

is extremely witty, and spontanious but at the time seems

to want to be part of the real world. He finds himself in love

with sensible Elizabeth but what will come of their relationship?

Moving through some highly emotional and troubled times

Elizabeth finds herself letting go more now that she with

Ivan but will she come to grip with the mess they have made

of their lives.

Read by Susan Lynch and Rupert Degas

5cds/ abridged

Rating: 4 out of 5



Alone by Lisa Gardner

When Bobby Trooper is called into a family hostage

situation as sharp shooter. Something goes terribly wrong

and a wealthy judges son is taken down. Has Bobby made

the wrong choice in the shooting and will this ruin his career

or will be able to prove himself in the right?

Keeps you guessing till the end.

4 cds abridged

ISBN- 0739313061

read by Holter Graham

rated -4 out of 5

Faithless by Karin Slaughter

Abbie Ward is found by Sara Linton after being buried alive in the woods. Sara, a medical examiner and town pediatrician, is with  her ex-husband, Police Chief Jeffrey Tolliver when the discover the box she was buried in. Abbie comes from a family of soy bean farmers in Grant County. Abbie was raised by strict Christians but everything is pointing

towards one of them being her killer.

This has not been one of my favorite Slaughter books but it was

still an intense and suspense filled ride.

Read by  Francie Swift

5 discs/5 hours

ISBN 0739322508

Rated : 3.75 out of 5


Most Wanted by Michelle Martinez

Melanie Vargas is caught up in a dangerous case

working a big case as federal prosecutor. What she

doesn't know may wind up getting her killed.  In steps

Dan O' Reilly a detective working on the case who likes Melanie

and wants to keep her safe. Why Melanie is separated from her

husband Steve she knows she needs to step back and try to work

through her problems with him for her daughter Maya's sake.

The first in a series.

ISBN - 0060759690

6 hours/ 5 compact disc.

abridged by the author

read by Anne Twomey

4.0 out of 5


The Art of Mending by Elizabeth Berg

Laura and her family return to her hometown to visit her family and go to the town

carnival. Laura, Caroline and Steve find themselves dealing with a barrage of childhood

Memories when Caroline reveals some thing’s that had been hidden for years. At the same time they find themselves coping with the death of their father.

This is my first Berg and I really thought it was thought provoking. I will probably

read or listen to more of her books.

Read by Joyce

4 out of5


ISBN: 1593557698

Format: Compact Disc

Pub. Date: April 2004

Publisher: Brilliance Audio

Edition Description: Unabridged, 6 CDs, 6 hours

Sunflower by Richard Paul Evans

Christine's fiance calls off the wedding, leaving her heartbroken. Her friend Jessica signs  them both on a  mission in Peru. One of the places that they help clean up and paint is  an orphanage called El Girasol — The Sunflower. It is ran by Paul Cook who was an American doctor until something goes terribly wrong one night in the E.R. were he was working. After a serious accident involving their tour guide Paul take over leading the group through the amazon. Along the way Paul and Christine learn a lot about one another. But when a serious illness suddenly threatens to  take Christine from Paul he realizes that he wants to make a life for himself and this woman but has to heal  her inside and out first.

4.5 out of 5
ISBN: 0743551672
Read by Campbell Scott
Pub. Date: October 2005
Publisher: Simon & Schuster Adult Publishing Group


This is what I am currently listening to...

Blue Smoke by Nora Roberts